SME Business Management Institute

Enterprises are formed from an entrepreneurs dream to create something new, this dream is transformed in to an idea and then eventually idea is formed in to product and service and the enterprise is formed. Though every enterprise starts small, but very few manage to grow big. Entrepreneurs from Small and Medium Manufacturing & Service Sector's require education, knowledge, mentoring, training so that their skills will improve. The knowledge and information will support to carry out their day-to-day business in order to enhance growth of business and to empower them to compete in local and International markets. Entrepreneurs are always ready to accept new Challenges and interested to learn more from various segments.

SME Business Management Institute has been initiated by Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe, President, SME Chamber of India and India International Trade Centre (IITC-India) to provide a platform for imparting practical education and knowledge and empower entrepreneurs to achieve success in their business activities.Read More...

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